Return and Replacement Policy

During handover

If you are not satisfied with any of the products, you can just hand it back to the Delivery Officers and you won't be charged for the product.

After delivery

The Customer can return the product within 24 hours  but must provide the reason for doing so. However, the Product must be in its original shipping package and must have not been used by the Customer.             

JL Online Sdn Bhd only accepts returned goods that fall under the category of dry goods. Personal care products or grocery items such as rice and coffee, among others, provided if there is good reason for returning them .

JL Online Sdn Bhd  will not accept the return of perishable items such as vegetables and meats, as well as items that require refrigeration such as dairy products. Perishable items also cannot be replaced and refunded.

If any of these conditions are not met,  JL Online Sdn Bhd  reserves the right to refuse the Product and either send it back to the Customer or the Customer shall forfeit the amount they have paid to the Company.                             

The return must be made within 24 hours, which starts from the date that the Customer received the Product to the post stamp printed on the package that is being returned to JL Online Sdn Bhd.